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The Analysis of Stem Cells.

The medical technology has put research on stem cells at the forefront. In order to understand the controversy of the stem cells it is important to first understand the whys and hows of this field of medicine. The analysis of stem cells and the controversy related to them are discussed in this website. It is important to understand what the stem cells are. Simply, these are cells that can separate into, unlike cells. These sales have not yet reached their potential. They a cells that can be used into whatever including sells for vital organs such as heart or liver. This is seen in an example of a reproductive process that sees a combination of sperm and an egg to form a zygote and later forms an entire organism. This is a process controlled by the gene differentiation.

There are two main categories from which the stem cells are obtained from. One of the main categories is the embryonic stem cell pulled from 3 to 5-day old embryo. The activists have more concern on embryonic stem cell. The current research makes use of embryonic stem cells because they tend to be harder and can form a wider variety of tissues. There are adult stem cells that can be obtained from the bone marrow and fatty tissues of a specific patient. They are usually limited in number and the ability to change into different types of tissues.

The researchers consider these cells as important as they conform regenerative medicine. If injected and the right conditions are met, these cells are able to replace damaged, malignant tissue or scarred. This is particularly important for a brighter future where damaged and scarred heart can be healed. They are important as they are a valuable tool to be used by the researchers. These cells are important in completely revolutionizing the modern medicine and research.

The major controversy in stem cell research is based on the sourcing of embryonic stem cells as discussed in this page. This controversy is about ethical issues since the cells originated from human embryos. This field of science is receiving battles from the religion which is receiving a discourse in modern politics. Many people in the current times are raising opinion on the modification of adult stem cells rather than using embryonic stem cells. The extraction of embryonic stem cells is regarded as destructive as an embryo has to be destroyed in order to obtain the cell which forms the basis of major controversy.

There are valid counterpoints used against the controversy as discussed here. It is estimated that around that 33% of zygote do not bond with uterine wall hence destruction of many embryos that could be used for research. The importance of adopting stem cell treatment as that some clinics offer treatments for many issues with no known treatment. The future of the stem cell is likely to be realized if there is a potential of iPSC technology.

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