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Ways of Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur

people who have an interest in coffee are known as a Coffee connoisseur. Such people are called coffee experts and they possess knowledge of coffee that other people don’t have. Connoisseurs of coffee study the history of coffee, origin, types of coffee and the brewing of it in attempt to gather the full understanding of the beverage. They are usually not satisfied with a single cup of coffee from Speedway or McDonald. these people can do anything to make a great cup since they treasure quality of the coffee.

To be a coffee connoisseur, you need to understand its history. Coffee is known to have first originated from Ethiopia in the 15th century. From Ethiopia, it moved to the Arabian Peninsula where coffee really started to take off, hence the opening of coffee houses and its daily consumption. Coffee became a breakfast drink after it reached Europe.

Coffee is first roasted to bring out the color, taste, and smell of coffee beans. Before the roasting of coffee, it is usually in form of coffee beans which are green and lack taste. The types of coffee roasts include light-medium and medium-dark.

you will realize that the Light roasted coffee is light brown in color and do not have oil. It has an inviting taste described as mellow.

The medium roast coffee is oily brown, low on acid and has an almost sweet taste. People who drink the medium roast coffee love the mild taste that is not offensive. Most of them shy away from the acidity of light coffee and the bitterness of dark coffee.

The dark roast coffee has been described by many people like coffee with a bitter taste. The coffee has a bitter taste because it has been roasted over a long period of time. You stop roasting the dark roast coffee when the beans start becoming dark. For some people, the over roasting effect is at times too strong for them. You can serve the dark roasted coffee by itself or with other beverages. Mixing your coffee with chocolate or caramel will give you sought-after tastes.

coffee is packed and distributed in two forms while are either whole or ground coffee. It is advised that you go for the whole beans. Ground beans were derived from whole beans which were ground by the manufacturers for easy consumption. Whole beans are known to hold their natural aroma and flavors. The most popular coffee beverages include espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato.

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